Assorted Chinese Sweet Crispies

Assorted Chinese Sweet Crispies


The Chinese Sweet Crispies (also known as Sachima) are a traditional Manchu delicacy. Made of flour, eggs and sesame, with honey or syrup, the Sweet Crispy is a snack that is slightly sweet, crispy, yet still chewy, making a perfect snack. This set contains four flavors: Original, Cashew, Dark Brown Sugar, and the Maltitol Low-Sugar Sweet Crispies , which is low in sugar but refreshing and crispy to taste, so you can try all of these flavors at once.


  • a pack of original Chinese Sweet Crispies (4.9 oz)

  • a pack of Chinese Sweet Crispies with Cashew (4.9 oz)

  • a pack of Dark Brown Sugar Chinese Sweet Crispies (4.9 oz)

  • a pack of Maltitol Chinese Sweet Crispies (4.9 oz)

Product of Hong Kong
Produced in a factory where cereals containing gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts and their products are handled.

For nutrition and Ingredients information, please refer to the third to sixth images.

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