Chinese Bridal Cake


Being the expert in traditional Chinese bridal cakes, Kee Wah has been devoted to producing the finest Bridal Cakes, witnessing numerous happy unions and sharing the joy with friends and families.

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Chinese Bridal Cake Set


Chinese Bridal Cake plays an important role in the Chinese wedding ceremonies. Kee Wah Bridal Cakes Sets are presented in an elegant and auspicious design that combines modern aesthetics with traditional designs, making it the perfect gift for friends and families to share the joy of a happy union.



Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Pastry Set


The Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Pastry Set is an essential item during the Wedding Gift Presentation Ceremony. The groom’s family has to prepare 2 sets of Pastries, of which one is presented to the bride’s family as gift and the other set to be used during the Hairdressing Ceremony. The Chinese believes the dragon and phoenix are the most auspicious celestial animals, and they represent blessings and goodwill to the union.



Table GIfts


Kee Wah Table Gifts combine the traditional with innovative designs concepts. Wedding favors containing either a Mini Lotus Seed Paste Pastry with Yolk or Pineapple Shortcake are available in specially designed gift boxes.